CBD in the news

Usually in this space I take a topic and run with it. Today, I thought I’d give you a taste of some news stories about CBD from hemp. At the end of the blog, I include a fairly clear infographic to give you an idea of what our society is missing out on by classifying hemp, CBD, and even marijuana a Schedule 1 narcotic. Hope you enjoy.

A study shows CBD reduces epileptic seizures in children

Study leader, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, NYU Langone Medical Center, says the findings should jolt recognition of the plant’s benefits. “This is the first solid, rigorously obtained scientific data” that a marijuana compound is safe and effective for this problem,” he says.

At the same time he laments that in spite of an overwhelming opioid crisis, scientists need special licenses, and face legal constraints in order to study CBD and it’s possible uses.

Massachusetts man trots out Potsquatch to enlighten

Here’s a fun story about Dave Mech of Springfield, Mass. He’s the owner of Potco, a combination dispensary, café, retail shop and more. His alter-ego, Potsqatch, was born as a serendipitous promotion for his store. The guy has panache and a nose for marketing. He turned a simple idea into a burgeoning business and has a mascot to boot.

Pets and Pot

If you’ve ever thought of using medical marijuana to treat your pooch’s malady, you’ll want to read this. Because of the large numbers of CBD receptors in animals, dosing can be difficult. You could even harm more than help your pet. THC-free products do offer some help, and there are a number of hemp oil supplements you can buy online. So, read the article before you make any decisions.

The Scientific Evidence Proving CBD’s Benefits

This article talks about why CBD from hemp is so beneficial for humans, what studies have been done and the findings as well as which conditions benefit the most. Child epilepsy heads the list, of course, but get some pretty impressive evidence from the in-depth work the author has done to get the real story.


Finally as promised, here is the infographic sure to make you wonder why we aren’t doing more with hemp, especially now.


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