2018: Looking forward

I suppose it could be considered trite to say “what a year 2017 has been,” but I’m nothing if not trite. This has been a year. It was the best of years, it was the worst of years. OK, Dickens I’m not. I’m sure I could call out a litany of instances that made 2017 a year to remember (or forget), but you were there and I’ll spare you the reflection.

Instead, I want to use this blog space to talk about how satisfying it’s been to tell you about Lost Remedy and our products, as well as show the importance and expanse of the value of hemp and CBD. We do what we do because we believe that hemp-derived CBD topicals can help alleviate the symptoms of some conditions while they nourish and help maintain the human body.

Extolling the virtues of CBD and hemp has been a fun learning adventure for me, and I hope you have enjoyed reading. Your response to our products tells me that you, too, are eager to experience the benefits and are ready to explore ways to make your life and health optimal.

Thank you for your support for Lost Remedy. I hope we fulfill and even exceed your needs. Our products are a labor of love combined with a lot of research and testing. Your well-being is important, and we offer only the best we can give. I am grateful for your trust in Lost Remedy, and we’ll continue to provide you with high-quality products.

With each new year, comes new hope and resolve to improve and expand facets of our health and lives. It is my sincere hope that 2018 brings new adventures and positive outcomes into your lives.

Here’s to good friends, customers, and the potential for a happy, healthful 2018. Happy New Year from Lost Remedy.


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