Ease the pain of radiation treatment

Lost Remedy was more or less built on a product to prevent burning from radiation treatment for breast cancer. If you’ve read the introduction on our website, you know the story. But, I’ll give you a synopsis here, just in case you haven’t read it. In 2013, a breast cancer diagnosis kick-started the production of a cream that would prevent the painful and debilitating burning that accompanies radiation. Often people get such severe burns that treatment must stop so the person can heal enough to continue. That just seems wrong. Sure, people are given aloe vera or some other cream to help soothe the burn, but what if they could avoid burning all together. Right?

Well, that’s just what our Burn Formula was created to do. In the case of its creator, it worked like a charm. Mild pinkness was the only discomfort in the formula’s earliest state. We have since improved the formula and expanded our marketing to include burns of every kind. Because it works on burns of every kind.

Now, I know that you’ll say, where’s the evidence? All I have is anecdotal evidence, largely because scientists are not studying products made with hemp-derived CBD to any large extent. But, if this cream can help people without harming, what’s the problem? In fact, here is what some of our customers say about our Burn Formula.

“My patient is a 59-year-old female recently diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. She began radiation treatment two weeks ago and the oncologist and radiologist are in awe of the fact that she does not even display a slight sunburn after numerous sessions. This is a direct result of the Burn Formula she has been applying after every radiation treatment. To say the least she, the patient, is delighted and you now have a very satisfied customer.”

— Dr. Michael D. Nelson, Wisc.

   “Several years ago I underwent radiation treatment for my cancer and experienced horrible burning and blistering. About a year ago the cancer unfortunately returned and I have been undergoing extensive radiation treatments for the past several months. I have been using Lost Remedy burn formula throughout this treatment and I have experienced only minor pinkness. This stuff works great.”

— Christine D., Bozeman, Mont.

On June 18, I came back from Colorado so sunburnt that I couldn’t make facial expressions without it hurting to the point of tears. I applied Lost Remedy’s Burn Cream everyday to relieve pain and reduce scarring—when I woke up, around lunch time, and right before I went to sleep. By June 26, all my peeling was gone, and my skin was completely healed, with no scarring. I’m so thankful to have no scarring at all and be able to wear makeup again.”

— Kallie N., Princeton, Minn.

 “I’ve been using the burn cream on my daughter’s third-degree burns that she sustained falling into a fire on a family camping trip. The burns had been there for weeks and weren’t healing. I started using the cream, and three days later the red spots completely disappeared. The margins of the burn have shrunk considerably with continued use and the colouring of the skin has returned to normal much faster than usual. The cream is also very moisturising, which has really helped the tight, itchy feeling that was exacerbated by the burns being over joints. Our doctor was impressed with how well everything is healing. I LOVE this stuff and highly recommend it. ”

— Julie W., Adelaide, South Australia

So, there you have it. What are you waiting for?

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