CBD and shingles

If you’ve had chicken pox, the varicella-zoster virus that caused it stays in your body. As you age, this nasty little bug can resurface as shingles. If you thought chicken pox was bad, shingles is the mother of all rashes with nasty symptoms that include headache, sensitivity to light, rashes, blistering, and trouble thinking clearly.

Now just because you once had chicken pox doesn’t mean you’ll get shingles. If you do, there is no cure. However, CBD has been known to ease the symptoms. In fact, a panel of doctors went before the Connecticut Consumer Protection Commissioner, which regulates Connecticut’s medical marijuana program, asking to add shingles to the list of conditions qualifying for medical marijuana, because it is so effective.

The blisters and rash associated with shingles are painful and as I noted, there isn’t a cure. It attacks the nerve cells in your body, causing pain, itching and inflammation. The pain caused by shingles can be so debilitating people consider suicide.

Painkillers, which often have adverse side effects, tend to be ineffective because shingles damages the receptors that allow the painkillers to work. But, shingles don’t seem to affect the CBD receptors, also present in our bodies. So, in addition to relieving the inflammation, a major cause of the pain from shingles, CBD can provide relief from the pain and itching. The earlier you begin using CBD, the sooner it can reduce pain and the longevity of the symptoms.

Relief can be gained from topicals, edibles, tinctures and oil dabs. Just another reason that CBD needs more study and to be embraced as a viable medication.

 Rash and blisters: painful symptom of shingles.
Rash and blisters: painful symptom of shingles.
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