Giving Thanks

This week, we Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. As myth has it, this was a day set aside by Pilgrims to give thanks for not starving to death while they made their way in a new and strange land, thanks to the Indians who inhabited this land and helped teach them how to survive. That strange land is now our home—the United States of America.

Recently, we had an election that seemed to show a lack of unity among the American people. Regardless of whether the election skewed your way, Americans are privileged to live in a country made great by all the people who call America home.

A few years ago I traveled with Habitat for Humanity to Oaxaca, Mexico, to build a 200-square-foot cement-block home for a family of four. I have in my life been what I perceived as destitute, but never have I faced the kind of poverty the people of Oaxaca knew. I give thanks that in this land, we have options. Lost Remedy was borne from options, and in this Thanksgiving week, I am proud to live in a country that has always embraced diversity and the ability to share ideas. I hope beyond hope that we will continue to do so.

The Indians’ willingness to share their knowledge and skills with Pilgrims could be seen as our beginning of acceptance and inclusion. I am thankful for the part I can play in keeping that openness and willingness alive to new and different ideas and people.

I’m also thankful that I can begin an enterprise such as this and share my skills and knowledge with those who need the products I produce. Special thanks are due for my family, friends and customers who support this endeavor.

To you and your loved ones, we at Lost Remedy wish you a happy and thankful Thanksgiving. 

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