Why Essential Oils part 2: Benefits of CBD products

In part 1, we discussed why we use essential and carrier oils in our products. So, now you may ask, how beneficial is CBD? Well, let me count the ways. Here is a short list of beneficial properties of CBD when used topically or internally:

·      Antibacterial

·      Inhibits cancer cell growth

·      Neuroprotective

·      Promotes bone growth

·      Reduces seizures and convulsion

·      Reduces blood sugar levels

·      Reduces inflammation

·      Reduces risk of artery blockage

·      Reduces small intestine contraction

·      Reduces vomiting and nausea

·      Relieves pain

·      Relieves anxiety

·      Slows bacterial growth

·      Suppresses muscle spasms

·      Tranquilizes

·      Treats psoriasis

·      Vasorelaxant

The best part of creating topical products with CBD in conjunction with organic carrier and essential oils is the absence of harmful chemicals often used to stabilize products so they basically last forever. So what you apply to your skin nourishes your body as well as fires up the cannabinoid receptor response.

Nature provides hundreds of essential oils, each with unique healing properties, including but not limited to, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, skin toning, pain relief, burn healing, itch relief, relaxant—the list is long.

In addition to the healing properties of essential oils, there are, also, dozens of carrier oils with unique beneficial properties, from the skin and hair benefits of argan oil to the cosmetic uses for walnut oil. Some oils are rich in Vitamins A, D and E, and some are known for their antioxidant properties. The choices and potential combinations are vast.

Introduction of CBD oil in conjunction with these other oils allows the body to more efficiently and effectively reap the benefits of each beneficial ingredient.

In part 3, we’ll discuss more about essential and carrier oils, andhow they interact to enhance our our products.

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