CBD for healing wounds? Absolutely.

Why would you use CBD for healing wounds? I’ll tell you why, but first let me begin with cutting the tip of my finger off a month or so ago. I was chopping vegetables and trying to read the recipe at the same time. Stupid, I know. But there it was a small chunk of finger gone. Fortunately, I keep Lost Remedy First Aid Balm handy and slathered it on my finger, bandaged it and within days, it was healing nicely.

Shows how CBD aids skinThe definition of injury in conjunction with these products can be cuts; lacerations; burns; puncture wounds; surgery and malignant wounds; injured muscles; or conditions such as arthritis, neuropathy, psoriasis. CBD is a versatile and effective wound treatment. It even works great on tattoos, which need to be kept moist, which it does. Plus, CBD has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which helps heal the skin abrasion.

Why CBD heals wounds

The body’s endocannabinoid system, involved with the process of healing itself, is strengthened with the application of CBD topicals. Often healing can often occur more quickly with CBD than over-the-counter medicines. Results of a recently completed study found that an experimental cannabinoid-based topical medicine achieved an extraordinary 90% success rate in healing chronic wounds.

In the case of a malignant wound, or an open cancerous skin lesion, which may be draining, a report published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management suggests topical cannabis may aid in the treatment of such wounds. The report told of a 44-year-old man with cancerous lesion on his cheek that had been treated with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. All to no avail. He turned to CBD for pain relief and found that in addition to relieving his pain, the lesion began to heal.

CBD wound-healing properties

CBD’s sterilizing properties protect the area while promoting skin cell growth, and even desensitizing your body to pain. It also sanitizes the wound providing antibacterial protection as the wound heals. CBD is especially helpful in treating burns. In addition to helping them heal faster, continued use keeps the burn clean, reduces pain and inflammation and may prevent scarring.

Athletes or those suffering from arthritis have found relief with CBD. Individuals, who because of illness or medical treatment find their skin feeling and looking dry and lifeless, have used CBD lotion to protect skin. In doing so, they find it also replenishes the skin.

CBD to heal bug bites

In summer, gnats and mosquitos cause welts and itching. When a mosquito decides to lunch on a human, the bite causes an inflammation that our bodies cause. The redness, swelling and itching is a reaction to the bug poison, a sign the antibodies in our immune system are trying to fight the poison. Gnat bites can cause a similar reaction, only they seem to create larger and really itchy welts. I’ve been known to scratch them in my sleep until they bleed. But, when I apply a CBD topical such as First Aid Balm, the itching subsides and the bite seems to heal faster. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can reduce the swelling. Its antibiotic properties help fight the poison, and its analgesic properties relieve the itching. It can also relieve the discomfort caused by poison ivy.

Finally, Lost Remedy CBD topicals are chemical-free, aiding the healing process with complimentary essential and carrier oils. So, keeping CBD topicals on hand for injuries large and small is a pretty good idea, don’t you think?


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